How to Prepare for A Seamless Moving Transition

Moving can be a daunting task. To make the process easier on you and your family, you should create a “Moving Checklist.”

A moving checklist will help you remember all the nagging details that are required to getting your home the way it was before the move. This will save you time and plenty of stress.

Here is a sample Moving Checklist that you can edit to your preference:

1. Decide on how you will move:

Hire a company, partial hire, or do it yourself.


 Contact three local movers and get a free quote. This will be somewhere between $800 to $2,000 depending on your situation.

You will need an expected timeline for the move to be completed as well as an estimate of boxes and total amount of furniture.

Compare this to a partial moving service that could professional pack your valuables and make for a do-it-yourself move more seamless.

Do not underestimate the amount of time a move will take if you do it yourself. Weigh this agains the cost of a full service or partial service move. Sometimes you will save time (and time is money) by going with a full-serve company.

2. Before you pack


Take photo of each room in your new home before moving anything in.

Write where furniture should go on a sheet of paper before starting the move in process. *Take note of anything that requires assembling.

3. Get a heads up on packing

Start packing small personal items well before your move out date.

Eliminate: give away stuff to charity, friends, or to the trash man. Simplifying your belongings is one of the benefits of moving into a new home. Take full advantage!

Plan your change of address and utilities before hand via

4. Your Children

Plan a daycare of babysitter the day of the move if you are doing it yourself

Children should be somewhere safe during the moving process. This will provide for a less stressful move than if you were required to move while also keeping an eye on them.

5. Ziplock bags and a sharpie

Utilize a plastic ziplock bag and a sharpie to keep track of small parts. The worst thing is when you find you are missing a single screw or attachment to your bed or the entertainment center.

Place small items into labeled bags and then place in a specific place to ensure it doesn’t get lost.

6. Your Electronics

Take pictures of your cable setup for your TV, Stereo systems, and computers. This will save you from any errors in your setup that can be a huge time-waster.


7. Look into full value insurance protection

When using professional movers, things can still go wrong. Sometimes the added expense is worth the peace of mind

8. Pets

Moving can be very stressful for your pets. Make sure you have a plan for them that is low-stress. Consider a animal day care during the move process or an animal sitter.


9. Breathe

Take your time and enjoy the process. Be optimistic about your new home and focus on positive feelings. Moving can be the most stressful thing ever or a positive change in your life. Focus on the latter and it will be.


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